Book Exchange Program

The Book Exchange

The Book Exchange is located in the Hall corridor, outside the Community Room

‘The Book Exchange’ is one way our students can get access to a wide range of fun and exciting reading materials without the expense of purchasing costly books.

“The Book Exchange’ will operate out of tubs which will be full of books suitable from Foundation through to Grade 6.

The way it works is, when you take a book from the tub to take home, you replace it with one of your own books. You can choose to keep that book, or you can take it home to read for as long as you like, and then bring it back, and exchange it for another book.

Please be very aware that once books are placed in the exchange tub, they become the property of the exchange program and will not be returned to the original owner at any stage. Any books placed into the exchange program should have names crossed out or removed.

‘The Book Exchange’ will operate on an honour system and we trust that the entire community at Westbreen will benefit from having access to a wider range of exciting books to read.




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