School banking for students banking with Commonwealth Bank – Tuesdays
NUDE FOOD – Remember to bring your lunch and snacks in containers. Help reduce litter and assist your grade to become NUDE FOOD winners, taking care of the NUDE FOOD DUDE for the week
Instrumental Music Lessons available now, please contact us for further information

Welcome to the Westbreen Primary School website!

Here at ‘Team Westbreen’ there are many curriculum and extra-curricular activities happening and we aim to provide a snapshot of this via our web page.  We hope that our students, parents, extended families and the broader community, benefit from having an insight into the great initiatives on offer at our school for everyone at ‘Team Westbreen’ and in fact the entire community.

Our philosophy at WPS is that students, staff and parents all have a responsibility in a shared learning journey, and that the very best learning outcomes for students are achieved when we all work together to achieve the progressive learning goals identified for each and every student.




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